About Us


What if Mexico for LGBT Youth offers resources, news, and commentary about the legal rights, security, health, and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth; other sexual-minority and gender-minority youth; questioning youth; and their households, buddies, and allies. (For the sake of simpleness, I typically describe all of these groups collectively as LGBT– or LGBTQ– youth and their allies.) A few of the website’s content covers LGBT issues more broadly.

The website consists of an often upgraded News Page with news from around the web. On the site’s blog site (accessible here or through the web page), I occasionally post other news, commentary, videos, resources, and information about site updates. For extra details from other sources, take a look at the website’s list of LGBT-related blogs and media sources, as well as our pages noting nationwide (U.S.) organizations, state/regional/local organizations, and worldwide companies. Other areas of the website’s resource library are in the process of re-development, and while you are still most welcome to access the library (here), please note that some resources and links within the library are, in the meantime, a little out of date. (Your persistence is much valued.).

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or concepts for the site, or if you would like to contribute content.